Why preserved moss?

100% Natural & Preserved

Preserved natural moss plants maintains its texture and color for many years.

Maintenance & Mess Free

Does not require soil and is stabilized for no further growth.
Truly a zero care experience!

Vibrant & Aesthetic

Moss is ultra soft and available in assortment of vibrant and vivid colors.

No Water or Sunlight Ever

Unlike other plants, it does not require water or sunlight ever! Join the Blue revolution.

Noise Absorbent

Preserved plants have acoustic properties thereby making it an effective and natural noise absorbent.

Humidity Regulator

Absorbs the surrounding humidity and also provides humidity in dry weather.

Pesticide & Herbicide Free

Is safe for children and animals. Doesn't require pesticide, herbicide or any fertilizers!

Dust Resistant

Its anti-static, which means it doesn't attract dust and helps keeping your air clean!

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Does Moss wall make you happier and healthier?

Moss cleans the air of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), dampen voice frequencies and noise, and regulates humidity levels.
Research has shown that it can reduce stress, help with focus, and even increase immunity.

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All you need to know about Moss

A moss wall is an original and increasingly popular decoration made of preserved moss. It’s a universal decoration, and it can be adjusted in terms of the size, form and even colors.

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Design Potential of Moss Walls

Moss walls are especially popular for use in brand signage, event spaces, and small accent situations. Large-scale moss installations are becoming more prominent than ever, even in residential homes and multi-family housing locations

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