1. Moss needs to be kept wet – It’s true that moss grows best in wet or humid environment but remember they have no roots to absorb water and need it through green leafy part of the moss. Moss is also one of the most drought tolerant plant. It can survive without water for months, and so it turns out dry during summers but when it starts to rain, they grow and turn green again and remain green throughout the year even during winters. 

  2. Moss doesn’t absorb nutrients from soil – Since they do not have roots, they do not absorb nutrients. This has been a long thought myth but not many know that the main source of nutrients for mosses is the water that runs over it. Moreover, some studies have also shown that moss can directly absorb nutrients like nitrogen from the soil.

  3. Moss is Parasitic – Now this is the most talked about myth about moss! Moss in the first place, do not have any structure (roots, flower etc.) to penetrate other organism making them the most unlikely creature to be called as a parasite!

  4. Moss kills a lawn – This is the most common myth! Mosses tend to grow where other plants do not grow (may be on a wet leaking wall or some swampy rocks). Some people relate the presence of moss with something wrong with other plants in their lawn, however it has no correlation! Got to focus on making the other plants grow better!