FAQs - Archive

  • Are the moss real and natural?
    - Our moss is 100% natural reindeer moss. They undergo a ecofriendly preservation process to enhance its longevity and are dyed with natural ingredients.

  • Will the moss grow? Do they need water or sunlight?
    - Our moss are preserved. Hence, they won't grow and do not require water or sunlight.
    In fact, watering or placing in direct sunlight may result in change in color or structure of the moss.

  • Do you customize?
    - We at Lushvibes love creativity. In case, you have a design in your mind or would like some suggestions on designs for your place, reach out to us at orders@lushvibes.in. Our talented team will ensure that you get the best, as per your preferences and location.

  • Does it have the ability to remove minute dust particles?
    - Unlike artificial plants, moss walls do not attract dust. Reindeer moss is anti-static by nature, which means it prevents dust from adhering to it. Dust settlement due to gravitational forces can be removed with a duster or air blower.